Tax and fiscal counselling

  • Dealing with different tax returns.
  • Census and Business Tax registrations, cancellations and modifications.
  • Tax incentives for businesses.
  • Tax planning.
  • Personal Income Tax and Equity.
  • Corporation Tax.
  • Inheritance Tax and Donations.
  • Counselling on indirect taxation, and monitoring and checking invoicing and investment goods record books.
  • Preparation of appeals and documents for Tax Administration in management and collection procedures.
  • Counselling and update of legal developments as to tax and accounting regulations.
  • Counselling on settling local taxes.
  • Counselling on the development of tax inspection procedures.
  • Counselling on transfer pricing, and preparation of Master File in compliance with current regulations.
  • Tax counselling on the acquisition of Due Diligence companies.
  • Dealing with administrative litigation court proceedings

Financial and accounting counselling

  • Comprehensive financial counselling.
  • Analysis of balance sheets, and ratio systems to measure the evolution of company solvency.
  • Regular planning of the accounting results.
  • Preparation of accounting and official books.
  • Account deposit.
  • Amortization of investment assets.
  • Planning and closing of accounting year.
  • Ongoing counselling on regulatory alterations.
  • Preparation and monitoring of business plans.
  • Counselling on obtaining financing and reducing costs.
  • Comprehensive counselling on acquisition and transfer processes of companies or business lines.

Labour area

  • Management of registration in Social Security Schemes.
  • Management of payroll and taxation.
  • Labour hiring.
  • Processing tax withholdings
  • Processing subsidies and deductions.
  • Assistance concerning Labour Inspection.
  • Management of applications for Social Security grants.
  • Processing of residence permits.
  • Negotiating and processing Company Collective Agreements.
  • Labour Force Adjustments.
  • Management of disciplinary cases.
  • Labour Due Diligence.
  • Assistance in conciliations before the Mediation, Arbitration and Reconciliation Service and Labour Courts.

Legal services

  • Resolution of legal queries.
  • Counselling and execution of documents on hiring matters.
  • Management of extrajudicial claims.
  • Debt claim.
  • Servicios de mediación para la resolución de conflictos.
  • Legal assistance and defence in legal proceedings.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Company secretariat.
  • Legal Due Diligence.
  • Criminal Compliance / Regulatory Compliance.


  • Temporary deregistration of vehicles.
  • Traffic reports.
  • Duplicate vehicle licences.
  • Duplicate driving licences and permits./li>
  • Driving licence renewals.
  • Change of address.
  • Rehabilitations.
  • Cancellation of reservation of title.
  • Insurancess.
  • Processing of green plates.
  • Transfer of: vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds, vans and boats.
  • Registration of cars, motorbikes, mopeds and vans.
  • Transport cards.
  • Company and driver digital tachograph cards.
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