Casares Business Consultancy Services

Casares Asesores y Abogados (Legal Counsellors and Lawyers) has been providing consulting and counselling support for entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies for more than 30 years.We have a large interdisciplinary and experienced team, made up of lawyers, economists, business graduates and other areas, which allows us to offer a complete and comprehensive service.

We accompany you in each project by seeking optimization and adjustment to an increasingly changing environment

On developing our tasks, we start from essential values for us such as certainty, trust, commitment, formal and material updating in our daily work, confidentiality, the effort in the development of our duties, as well as important and current aspects such as equality and respect for the environment. These are not taken as empty concepts, but as key elements in our relationship with clients.

Our keys are perseverance, effort, collaboration and the union of people and projects

The main aspect which makes us stand out is we adopt clients’ projects and challenges as our own, focusing our work on following up on such projects, and preventing our consulting and advisory work from remaining stuck to stereotyped and unspecific guidance.

Throughout the development of duties we seek to delve into the global knowledge of the client, which allows us to address the challenges and opportunities for improvement, as well as doing away with or limiting the risks or contingencies which may arise.

A well-managed company

In Casares Asesores y Abogados, we have undertaken a process of consolidation and sustained growth, based on a professional and interdisciplinary team that combines experience and new incorporations, and which has allowed us to be granted the ARDÁN distinction as a wellmanaged company. This is the result of our commitment to our clients, who put their trust in us as to essential and core aspects of their projects, and whom we accompany in their challenges.

We are a professional and interdisciplinary team

In Casares Asesores y Abogados our team is made up of nineteen experienced and interdisciplinary professionals: lawyers, economists and business graduates, which allows us to offer a complete and comprehensive service.

Our clients can be found in key sectors in the Galician economy, such as the fishing industry and its subsectors, the automotive and mining industry, construction and promotion, telecommunications, fruit and vegetable sector, wine market, textile as well as the service industry, and the fourth sector, along with state companies. As can be seen, based on our clients’ previous experience, we are able to address the specifications of each of the main economic industries in Galicia.

Our international collaborative network is present in Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States

Our service offer is complemented by a network of offices which we collaborate with in third countries. This allows us to put our clients in contact with professionals who we regularly collaborate with in these markets, and whose level of professionalism has been verified.

We generate a virtuous circle, which enables us to be more permeable and to encourage our clients, if required, to open up to new markets in an economy as open as the Galician one.